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A note from the editor

We want to shine, and have you be seen

It makes sense to specialize. Farmshine specializes in weekly news and features to dairy farm families. We're the "milky way" to new horizons in dairying. We could be the way for you to realize a fuller potential in your business dealings with the Mid-Atlantic area's most progressive dairy farm managers.

Farmshine is the weekly dairy publication serving dairy farm families in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and beyond. Our total weekly mailing accounts for more than three-quarters of all dairymen in the Middle Atlantic region.

Farmshine is unique, not only in having organized reader support, but also in the fact that Farmshine's subscribers are the most progressive dairymen in business today. They're the ones who are in the market to stay. To upgrade. To buy and sell. Furthermore, Farmshine is the only weekly farm publication which specifically targets the dairy industry in Pennsylvania and neighboring areas. There's no wasted circulation. Advertising messages are seen because of our specialization. Our coverage is direct. If you want dairy, that's what Farmshine is all about.

Farmshine has been independently owned and operated for over 30 years. We appreciate the close relationship we have with the industry and the opportunity to serve you.

Thank you for supporting Farmshine,
Dieter Krieg

What our advertisers say!

A number of years ago I ran a comparison ad in both the Farmshine and Lancaster Farming with a redeemable coupon in the ad. My response from the Farmshine customers was equal to the response from Lancaster Farming customers and the cost was significantly less. I have a limited advertising budget but continue to work with Farmshine on all my dairy related ads. I enjoy working with Dieter the editor and Missy who is my account rep. I appreciate the quality of the final ads they help me produce. My ads are generally too wordy, but they put a lot of material in a small space when I run a full page customer referral ad. They also help to do a good job of editing my ads. Keep up the Good Work!!!
-Carl A. Brown, F.M. Brown’s  Sons, Inc.

I feel ads in Farmshine get attention and get read. They are a good value. Farmshine ads do not get lost. The Farmshine staff listens to my needs. Farmshine is unique because it targets dairy producers. When I place an ad in Farmshine, the phone rings. When I place it with other papers, the phone is less likely to ring. If the phone rings, I have a good chance at making additional sales.
-John Clark

I appreciate the quick response and turnaround time when creating an ad.
-Steve Groff, Keystone Group

Farmshine is a super tool to advertise registered cattle and cattle sales. It is focused in the Northeast, which is where all my sales are located, and it is distributed to all registered herds that are members of their state associations in this area. Also, Farmshine’s advertising rates for colored ads are the least expensive and always look very attractive. If you farm and want to shine, what better source than Farmshine.
-Daniel Brandt, pedigrees

Farmshine is one of my favorite publications to deal with. I deal with over 40 publications, so take that as a high honor.
-Norma Smith, Udder Comfort

­­For well over 20 years, The Cattle Exchange has advertised through Farmshine. Farmshine reaches more of our clients on a weekly basis than any other publication in the east. Farmshine contents such as editorials and feature articles are some of the finest you will find concerning the dairy industry and the people behind it. Your competent staff has always been easy to work with and has provided us with tremendous assistance over the years. We would never consider conducting an auction in the east without advertising in Farmshine and we would highly recommend that anyone who provides a service to the dairy industry makes Farmshine your first choice for advertising needs. With Farmshine, there is a difference.
-Dave Rama, Cattle Exchange

We know Farmshine was an impact paper for Udder Comfort when we launched. We appreciated the press releases that Farmshine generously put to press. Producers' comments about how much they like Farmshine are also very meaningful to us. This guarantees readership and this means business to the advertiser.
-Mark Comfort

I appreciate how well the Farmshine staff keeps our agency abreast of upcoming issues that we may have a special interest in. I hear many of our clients and prospective clients say they saw our ad in Farmshine! It is an excellent vehicle to reach out to the farming community.
-Craig Morrissey, Morrissey Insurance

We have been working with Farmshine for years and found the staff to be flexible and easy to work with. Farmshine's coverage of the local and regional dairy industry fits well with our marketing strategy and provides us with a great value for our advertising dollar.
-Tom Kauffman, Kauffman's Animal Health, Inc.

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