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Door is open to help farmers make plans;
easy, free and friendly

TOWANDA, Pa. -- The Bradford County Conservation District will hold an informal “open door” day on Wednesday, February 22, from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., for anyone needing help getting this document in order.

The Manure Management Manual is a fairly easy and short document that will not only bring you into compliance, possibly save money on your fertilizer bill, and increase yields; but will help cover you in the event of a complaint. Most information can simply be filled out by the animal’s owner. However, you may benefit from the Conservation District’s help with maps and more detailed information. This “open door” day will allow anyone to walk in, at their convenience, and get the help they need without spending any more or less time on it than necessary.

Important to note is that these plans belong to you. There is no requirement to submit a copy of this plan to any government agency. They are for your use and are only required to be kept on file at the farm.

You can call or just drop in. Light refreshments will be available. Contact the Bradford County Conservation District with any questions at 570-265-5539 ext. 101 or Kevin.L.Brown@pa.nacdnet.net

Another event on tap for February 24 in Canton will focus on helping farms develop an erosion control plan which is also required by state law. Contact the BCCD for more information or visit the Conservation District web page at www.bccdpa.com.